Kera wēra | Orcinus orca

Pods of orca are sighted at least several times a year in Taranaki coastal waters. In the past these sightings have often been poorly documented leading to fragmented records.

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NZ Threat Classification: Nationally critical.

NZ Population: Less than 200.

Behaviour: Typically seen in family groups or pods.

Habitat: Prefer deeper water but can be found in shallow water when feeding.

Food: Diverse diet. NZ orcas most commonly feed on rays.

Main threats: Boat strikes and pollution (including noise).

ID Tip: Adult males have massive dorsal fins up to 2m high. Adult females have smaller, more curved dorsal fins.

ID Tip: Orca can have distinctive marks which are useful for ID.

More info: www.orcaresearch.org 

Rules to follow when orca watching: http://www.doc.govt.nz/nature/native-animals/marine-mammals/sharing-our-coasts-with-marine-mammals/

Animation: Orca sightings on Waitangi Day 8 Feb 2016

Orca Sightings

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Interesting Observations

Based on distinctive features, the Project Hotspot team are recognizing some of the same individual orca from the stunning photographs and videos you have provided us with.