End User Workshop

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On Friday 26 August 2016 the Project Hotspot team ran a workshop at the Len Lye Centre to provide an opportunity for end users (decision makers, conservation groups, government authorities, scientists, educators and industry) to find out more about the Project. The workshop included a presentation of key results by Dr Emily Roberts, action project presentations by Oakura School and Highlands Intermediate and discussion of how the results can be used to better protect coastal threatened species.

The Project Hotspot team were delighted to have such a range of end users attend and actively interact. Positive outcomes and actions resulting from the workshop can be found in the Project Hotspot End User Workshop Report.

The Highlands and Oakura students did an outstanding job of presenting their action projects, educating end users about how they can make a difference! The findings and recommendations resulting from the students’ action projects will be used by end users to better protect coastal threatened species in Taranaki.

Thanks to Hotspot Hero Sharyn Smart for writing this great article about the event.