End User Workshop 2

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On 6 Dec 2016 at Manaia School Hall students from Hawera Intermediate, Auroa School and Manaia Primary presented the results of their Project Hotspot action projects to a range of end users (industry, planners, scientists, educators and conservation groups). Students discussed the main threats to endangered coastal species at key South Taranaki sites covering marine litter and predator control.

The students did an outstanding job of presenting their action projects, educating end users about how they can make a difference! The findings and recommendations resulting from the students’ action projects will be used by end users to better protect coastal threatened species in Taranaki. The updated End User Workshop Report is available under Downloadable Resources page and here.

Check out the CoastBlitz pages resulting from the Project Hotspot fieldtrips (Ohawe, Mangahume, Kaupokonui).

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