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Port Taranaki is a surprising hotspot for all four Project Hotspot species. During the Project Hotspot End User Workshop Bridget Harrison (Port Environmental Officer) realised that the many of the students had never had the opportunity to see fur seals up close. One of the best places to see fur seals in Taranaki is at Mikotahi Beach but this area is located in the middle of the port and is strictly off limits to the general public. On the morning of 6 September 2016 Bridget arranged for students from Oakura School to visit the port including tours of the seal colony at Mikotahi Beach, penguin nesting boxes around Chaddy’s Charters, other threatened bird species out from Chaddy’s and presentations at the Marine Information Centre. The morning was a massive success with the students stoked to see seals, penguins and threatened shag species (pied shag, little black shag and black shag). A massive thank you to Bridget, Fred King, Port Taranaki, Chaddy and the Ngā Motu Marine Reserve Society for organising such an amazing experience for the students.