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Highlands Intermediate blitzing the Tapuae Marine Reserve CoastBlitz


On a windy Fri afternoon 17 June 2016 the Highlands Intermediate Marine Studies Group headed down the north eastern end of the Tapuae Marine Reserve for a CoastBlitz, recording all species that they encountered. The students identified, photographed and recorded their sightings on CoastBlitz Tapuae, providing a mapped online record of biodiversity within the marine reserve. The students did an incredible job identifying more than 26 different species including blue bottle, by-the-wind sailor, reef star, oyster borer, cat’s eye, spotted whelk and oulactis anemone. Overall the Marine Studies group made a substantial contribution to the CoastBlitz Tapuae page which now includes records of 216 sightings of 82 different species. Very impressive!

The Marine Studies Group are currently busy working on their Project Hotpot Action Projects, some based within the Tapuae Marine Reserve. The students will keep you updated with their findings, recommendations and outcomes with future Blog updates. We are very excited to hear more about the Action Projects. The Project Hotspot team think you guys rock!

Highlands fieldtrip h June 2016

Highlands fieldtrip g June 2016

Highlands fieldtrip e June 2016

Highlands fieldtrip c June 2016

Highlands fieldtrip b June 2016

Highlands fieldtrip a June 2016